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Soil, water, health – let’s protect them!

     The people are the worst threat to our planet. In the last 150 years we have damaged our environment to an extent we hadn’t done in past few millennia. Therefore in our own interest let’s slow down and eventually stop the destruction of nature. Let’s replace the technologies that devastate our nature and repair the damages, which we have caused. Nowadays we have technologies and means to try. 

 Drinking water 

Clean water - basis of life

     Water treatment systems for purification of tap water or ground water that produce high class potable water; treatment systems for ground water purification that produce water intended for irrigation; treatment systems for water contaminated with toxic elements; water treatment systems and tertiary treatment plants for buildings and housing estates allowing for re-introduction of the same water into circulation; systems allowing to abstract water in places with underdeveloped infrastructure; solving problems of access to potable water in areas with high water.

Our technology has the following characteristics:                                                           - Very high efficiency of pollution reduction up to 98%,

          - Selective capturing of impurities, which helps to solve specific problems in a              particular area (dedicated systems),  

          - Very small amount of individual sewage (usually only a few litres per 1m3 of              treated water) which can be processed into effluent mineral fertilizer,

          - Non-chemical method of water treatment 

Water for industry

Save water in industry

     It is generally known that every industrial branch consumes vast volumes of water. Due to growing prices of water in the world its consumption significantly affects the final price of products. Evidently a lot of companies already underwent measures to lessen water consumption, however these measures might have proved ineffective due to high contaminations. Reverse osmosis (RO) type technologies are able to put only 50-70% of water back into circulation.


Our technology is much more effective due to following two reasons:

     - We close water circuits and put up to 95% of water back into processes.

     - In case there are elements valuable for manufacturing processes contained in       the waste water, we are able to selectively pick them out and put back into             processes.


The only limiting factor in this procedure is the economical one or the ecological


     At present, we are able to make good use of our experience that we have been acquiring for several decades. Even on customers’ requirements and without contaminated water analysis, we can manage to prepare a project precisely made-to-measure and frequently we show and offer even more interesting and economical procedures. 

Water for Agriculture 

There exists no agriculture without water

     The need of healthy and quality food is ever increasing all around the world. “Chemical” agriculture is a disaster to living environment and human health. There are more and more chemical fertilizers in the soil that lessen its quality and fertility; so we are increasing the dosages. Restoration of healthy non-chemical agriculture is a necessity, however it does not mean lower yield. We have technical procedures in our portfolio, which either dispose of chemical preparations in the agriculture completely or significantly reduce them.

     We are able to re-establish the equilibrium of microbiological life in the soil, sufficient volume of natural and easy-absorbing micro and macro elements and supply plants with specially structured water, which easily penetrates the cells of plants. This is all possible due to our patented technology.


According to expert studies, the application of probiotic microorganisms and declustered water on agricultural soil has effect on following:                                          - Reduction of pollution of the soil.

     - Increasing of humus content.

     - Increasing of water retention in the soil.

     - Increase of agricultural production.

     - Production of healthy food without pesticides. 

The ultimate outcome is a reinforcement of your health and revitalization of living environment. 

Water for your Health

Our health is connected to the quality of water

     If you realize that without water there would exist no life; that our body mass is in 70% formed of water, it is therefore completely obvious that water has a significant influence on our health. Clean and healthy water and our health are forever bound. Dirty, toxic water, water with wrong structure is always connected to majority of diseases.


Water, which is treated by our technology, easily penetrates cell membranes; it is possible to resolve much more salts in the water; all kinds of oils resolve (emulsify) much more easily, even gasoline, etc.; the water speeds up cultivation of microorganisms and for example in agriculture it is able to increase yields by 40-50%.

There is a vast space for research especially in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.


We have achieved great accomplishments in testing the influence on the apoptosis of cancerous cells. The tests have been carried out in prestigious research institutes in Poland and our company managed to acquire a patent on the technology of manufacturing water for these purposes.

We are able to prepare variably defined water and supply it either to research enthusiasts or to medical and pharmaceutical facilities.

Our acquired results have always exceeded all expectations. 

Water for Sciense

Water is an outstanding medium 

     We are familiar with water as a medium existing in three states. That is a generally accepted pattern. However, recently scientific research has shown other possibilities of water.

     In our laboratories, while handling water, we have managed to achieve a state of water, which is by its characteristics close to a supercritical state. The processes are kept under normal pressure and temperature of 37-38°C.


We know, that our super clean water freezes not until the temperature of around minus 60°C, without increasing its volume (!) and heating up in order to cook it ends at the temperature of circa 83°C, when the water does not boil, however the temperature rises up to the value of 160°C, when an explosive evaporation of water occurs.


     The water we treat changes its physical-chemical characteristics depending on whether we work with a so called super clean or whether it is enriched with selected minerals.

     Not all characteristics of supercritical water can certainly be achieved with our technology. However, in many parameters the unique character of water treated by us has been managed to confirm on the ground of university laboratories and in independent accredited institutes.

Wastewater treatment Plant

MBR Technology

     MBR Packaged Systems offer state-of-the-art MBR technology in a skid- mounted packaged plant that provides customers with options ranging from filtration only to a full scope of supply including pre-screening and biological treatment through to the final membrane clarification step.


The pre-engineered MBR plants are economically designed to minimize engineering efforts while addressing the unique effluent requirements of each site, and feature a design optimized to meet most environmental discharge regulations. CELTIC NATURE provides technical support during installation and start-up.


The benefits are clear:

     - Capacities up to 50 - 760 m3/day (can be more)  

     - Standard pre-engineered design packages

     - Efficient, compact design

     - Robust, high-quality system and components

     - Single-source supply

     - Easily expandable

     - Fast delivery and installation

     - Meets or exceeds most regulatory requirements

     - COD - 26, BOD – 2,3 or better

Safety Water 

To be certain of what we drink

     In some regions healthy and clean water is a common thing, however in other regions it might be precious and hard to access. Nevertheless, we would be glad if it were completely secure to drink everywhere. There are always two threatening factors, one of which is a natural cause of contamination and the other is a deliberate contamination with intent to violate the consumer. The danger which results from the other possibility and in connection with the ever more frequent occurrence of terror, we had an idea to build an equipment, which would safeguard the consumer against any kind of contamination.


     CELTIC NATURE Company has utilized experience of all the consortium members and originated a technology, which makes possible to safeguard any kind of building against not only an unexpected natural contamination, but also for example a terrorist attack.


CAS AQR-AT variant originated from the CAS AQR technology basis. Acquired tests certified the universality and effectiveness of the equipment. CAS AQR-AT is a totally exquisite technology which allows safeguarding whole buildings against unexpected contamination. Government institutions, presidential palaces, VIP residences, hospitals, embassies, but also hotels, schools and private properties can be safeguarded constantly 24 hours a day, without the consumers noticing a slightest change in the quality of water. 

Modification of Metal structure

New stage of mechanical engineering

     All metal parts in mechanical engineering and metal manufacturing no matter in what systems they are used have their limited lifespan. The quality of parts depends on used materials and processing. Expensive components guarantee longer lifespan, cheaper components limit performance and lifespan of the equipment.

We have a patented technology, which enables a change of materials, and also metals.


Sophisticated process

     Materials that are processed in our reactor enhance their parameters and they approach their theoretical critical values defined for this material. These values are practically unobtainable in classical industry processes. Our process also dissolves the tension inside the material, caused by preceding treatment.


     Our treatment is carried out on finished parts without adding any layers on the surface and without a direct contact with objects placed in our reactors. The outcome is a significantly longer lifespan of parts and therefore vast savings in purchasing new parts, time spending on parts replacement and therefore the value of the parts and the equipment rises significantly.

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