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Water for Agriculture

     Agriculture is a sector with most consumption of water. Plant and livestock production are dependent on regular supply of water. One third of water consumption in Europe is made by agriculture. Agriculture influences the quantity and quality of water, which is meant for other purposes. In some regions of Europe the main cause of bad quality of water is the pollution caused by the very use of pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture.


     We are able to achieve much more efficient utilization of water in agriculture by exercising suitable agricultural methods and supporting know-how.

Quality clean water has a direct influence on the quality of food.


Plant Production

     Quality and clean water is just a part of processes in the agricultural production, there are similarly important aspects such as micro and macro elements and the soil rich with microorganisms.


     Our sophisticated system deals with the whole process of plant production in complex. Apart from water with a content of necessary minerals prepared specifically, we supply also complexes of microorganisms and organic fertilizers. Nevertheless, the most important is the system of special nanowater preparation, which distinctively increases yields in plant production. For plant production we prepare water with a modified molecular structure, which as a result has a better capability to penetrate cell structures and thus increases yields by up to 40%, depending on the type of agricultural cultures.


Fish Farming

     In aquacultures, we are able to treat and clean the water in closed circuits and concurrently selectively remove biogenous elements and toxins from water.

It eliminates eventual contamination and the water parameters are stable. CAS System is able to remove all redundant and harmful substances or useless substances, and it is able to adjust the water parameters to a maximum standard level. The water in artificial tanks has the same quality since the first day to the last day of farming.


     Another important part of the system is a microbiological medicator for water revitalization. The concept of our own elaborated system of microbiological medication consist in a controlled supply of living cultures of microorganisms that are beneficial to the health of fish and other kinds of fauna that is farmed in artificial tanks.


Livestock Production

     Livestock production also depends on high quality of water. Water that contains no toxic substances and is rich with micro and macro elements is a basis for the health of livestock. Very sensible to the quality of water are for example horses and milking cattle.

In our processes for the most purebred animals we also suggest the utilisation of water with a modified molecular structure. The outcome is again better immune system of the animals and in total better results i.e. of the meat quality.


     CAS AQR is a modular system with the ability to supply any hourly capacity of flow.

All approaches and water treatment has the goal to reduce water consumption and concurrently increase yields. 

A                                                                       A

B                                                                          B

Begining of germination of pepper with application of plain water (A) versus Nanowater (B)

Growth of pepper with application of plain water (A) versus Nanowater (B)

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