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Water for Industry 


     We offer all aspects of high quality water supply, with a focus on individual needs of manufacturers. Every industry produces differently contaminated water and thanks to the high level of our water purification we can return the water back into the process in almost all cases and up to 95 %. We are able to produce technological water, drinking water and ultra-clean water for laboratory and scientific work (Pharmacopoeia). It depends on the type of industrial sector and on water characteristics, which must be defined by the customer.


Our Benefits to the Industrial Clients

     Our motto is that in general, all industrial water can be cleaned. The only limiting factor for the enterprises is the price of such revitalized water. However, the environmental aspects should be taken into account here as well. We offer a large scope of possibilities to solve problems in industrial sector including, but not limited to: chemical, foundry, tanning, mining, engineering, paper industry, food processing. We also deal with water processing in agriculture, e.g. fish farming and all other sectors of industry, where water is crucial.


Advantages of our technological devices:

  • Device setting according to customer requirements

  • Fully automatic operation

  • High capacity

  • Highest water quality

  • Water treatment for various quality levels

  • Simple operation

  • Possibility of recovering raw materials for further processing


All water treatment systems comply with potable quality of European certificates. 

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