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Water for Science

We Live in a Blunder, We Do Not Know Water


     Water is omnipresent in our life. Without water the life ceases to exist. Water not only stimulates processes of homeostasis in our organism, but also the energy, which actuates intracellular structures that make maintaining the production of energy for our organism possible. Water is a mysterious substance, which is not completely explored in a way we would need. Water is so important for us that it deserves much more attention. What the nature has brought into existence billions of years ago we are recognizing not until now.


     Water harbours so many secrets that we were astonished with each new discovery and impatiently kept on seeking further. What is awaiting us there? The equilibrium of nature has been violated by mankind with its labours on the earth and uncontrolled expansion. One of such violated elements is water. If we can give water back its structure we will start to discover the secrets of nature, secrets of life. Unbelievably vast influence of water on human health and its power may have a far-reaching impact on the future of pharmaceutics.      


     The influence of declustered water on plant growing and livestock breeding as agricultural sectors is extraordinary. Application of nanowater in cosmetics opens completely new possibilities. For crystallography there have opened vast areas of research. A common substance and everything is completely different. What we can yet learn is still hidden, unknown. Only further research will show how our knowledge on water was poor. How something we meet every day in our whole life can show up as the biggest secret of our life.


Nanotechnologies Have Conquered the World

     We have got used to the world of nanoparticles of solid materials, and nowadays it even does not seem strange to us that these similar materials in their nano-form have completely different characteristics. We will have to get used to the idea of water in its nano-form, water with modified structure is different and unbelievably rich on its appearances and possibilities, that it is unbelievably healthy and healing.

For research teams there is a space for either primary or applied research. 

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