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Wastewater Treatment


     MBR Packaged Systems offer state-of-the-art MBR technology in a skid-mounted packaged plant that provides customers with options ranging from filtration only to a full scope of supply including prescreening and biological treatment through to the final membrane clarification step.                              The pre-engineered MBR plants are economically designed to minimize engineering efforts while addressing the unique effluent requirements of each site, and feature a design optimized to meet most environmental discharge regulations. CELTIC NATURE provides technical support during installation and start-up.

The benefits are clear:

  • Capacities up to 350 - 760 m3/day) (can be more)

  • Standard pre-engineered design packages

  • Efficient, compact design, reduced footprint

  • Robust, high-quality system and components

  • Single-source supply

  • Easily expandable

  • Fast delivery and installation

  • Meets or exceeds most regulatory requirements


     It will give possibility to work with all modules when there is maximum capacity during the season and to work with only one module P-200 when there is less than 760 m3/d of the flow after the season. The work because of module construction will be very flexible. Connections of modules will easily allow making fast start up of new modules.

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