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CAS WT 02 - Safe Water
CAS WT 03 - Safe Water

Drinking Water Supply for Inhabitants 

     In the field of water treatment the CELTIC NATURE Consortium represents absolute world top. The technology is patented and is completely different from the reverse osmosis technology. Operational costs are many times smaller and the quality of product is much higher. Quality, healthy water is the basis of health of the whole population regardless either the infrastructure or the density of population. The quality of water influences the health of people and therefore their ability to work. The need for quality water is not limited to the drinking water only. Not only the drinking water, but also technological water, and the water used in agriculture. Utilisation of contaminated water in agriculture means that toxic matters are being transferred in the food chain.

     Our offer contains all aspects of requirements for quality water for each sector. The most demanding sector is that of potable water, however the technological water has also many applications; therefore we are able to meet any requirements as to the different quality of water, with regard to specific needs (hardness or softness, acidity, alkalinity, specific content of minerals, etc.). Furthermore we are able to treat the water and revitalize it, in a way that 95% of it can be put back into use. The capacity of each equipment can be adjusted to specific needs, from supplies to small groups of people to whole cities.

  •      Potable water for inhabitants

  •      Softened or demineralized water for technological purposes

  •      Water enriched with micro and macro elements for agriculture


Mobile Systems CAS WT 

     It is a sophisticated solution for water treatment to the level of potable water. CAS system is able to supply quality potable water from local sources, i.e. rivers, lakes, wells, no matter what the contamination of soluble substances is. The equipment works on electricity, from the network or a diesel aggregate. It can operate the whole day, with a necessary break for regeneration, eventually cyclically according to actual needs. It is produced as a variety of stationary containers or mobile with an undercarriage. Capacity of each model varies form supplying of 50 to 10,000 persons from one module (CAS WT 03 and bigger). The number of modules in a row has limitation and depends only on the need and the richness of the source. Out in the open in case the water source is strongly muddied it is necessary to take into account the need of inlet filtration of insoluble mechanical elements. 


     The devices improve the taste and smell of water, protect against bacteriological and chemical contamination and radiation, and they provide the highest quality drinking water. The range of potentially hazardous substances removed by CAS WT 02, CAS WT 03 and other types of devices is listed below as follows:

  • cations of heavy metals: iron Fe, manganese Mg, copper Cu2 +, nickel Ni2+, lead Pb2+,   etc.,  and particularly toxic, such as mercury Hg2+, cadmium Cd2+, thallium Tl2+, Arsenic As3+ and other),

  • anions: nitrate NO3-, nitrites NO2-, phosphates PO4, chromates CrO42-, cyanides CN- (also   cyanide complexes with metal cations), arsenides AsO33-, and arsenates AsO43-, sulphides S2-  andmany other inorganic and organic anions, such as phenolates PhO-, anionic detergent  anions R-SO3-, etc.  

  • harmful and hazardous micro-organisms: bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae, protozoa (including  bacteria: clostridia and cryptosporidium).


     CAS stationary water treatment system can be applied in single-family home, apartment block, as well as in larger housing estates. It does not require any additional infrastructure, works automatically, based on the flow. Devices of the AQR series are rated for nominal capacity as follows: 1.0 m3/h (maximum 1.6 m3/h), then 2.4 m3/h (max 3.6 m3/h), 4.0 m3/h (max 6.4 m3/h), 6.5 m3/h (max 8.2 m3/h), 9.0 m3/h (max 14.4 m3/h), 16.0 m3/h (max 25.6 m3/h) and 20.0 m3/h (max 32.4 m3/h). It is capacity system for one container. CAS technology is modular system.

Advantages of our technological equipment:

  • Small size and high capacity

  • Manual or fully automatic versions

  • Highest quality of water and a simple manipulation

  • Water treatment without chemical agents

  • Low price of water and minimum requirements on energy


Mobile System CAS WT 02                                                                                                                          Potable Water for 4000 People per Day. In regions affected with a catastrophic event such as innuendos, wildfires, hurricanes, acts of war and in all cases, when the supply of water and local sources are contaminated, CAS WT 02 is an indispensable assistant. It is an equipment, which can immediately start full operation and is able to supply highest quality water for ca. 4000 persons per day. The equipment can operate out in the field constantly for months. For automatic regeneration it needs only one hour per day.                                                                                                          


Mobile and Stationary Systems CAS AQR

     Fully automatic systems of water treatment for potable purposes can be mobile or stationary. We can offer a container version particularly suitable for regions with insufficient infrastructure, where electricity and water supply network are missing. The systems are extremely efficient and we are able to offer container units in single or doubled versions (24-hour supply of water) in capacities of 2 – 60 m3 / hour.

All mobile and stationary potable water treatment systems have required European certificates.

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