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Safety Water - Clean Water

The World is not always very safe

     Contemporary worldwide situation with terrorist attacks occurring everywhere may develop into more sophisticated attempts and water is an easy medium for such attempts.

If we talk about a flawless and perfect safeguarding of people against such excesses, then only sophisticated technological equipment is able to secure high level of safety.

The most perfect disinfecting system is just a needless expense and does not provide necessary efficiency.


     CELTIC NATURE Company offers technological system, which is able to safeguard population in several levels and make an eventual deliberate contamination of water impossible (disinfectants are not an obstacle against deliberate contamination).

The core of the system is a technology, which removes a whole number of contaminants from water.


We do not rely on coincidence

     We have a 98% certainty of removing any kind of substances. In case of dealing with a permanent control of water quality in water supply systems it is possible to add other segments of safeguarding. All systems of CAS AQR in standard may be doubled and ensure permanent safeguard against a breakthrough of toxic substances into the system.


     Additionally it is possible to connect a contamination detector ABT Biodetector, which is able to find out with 100% certainty the presence of toxic substances in the water supply network.


     Thanks to patented solution it is the most exact and quickest detection system in the world. The water analysis takes place every 5 seconds.


Utilization possibilities

  • Safeguarding a building of greater significance (parliament, senate, government office,                 presidential building, ministry, other state offices, embassies and other compounds                       even in foreign countries).

  • Compounds of security forces of the state.

  • Schools on all levels.

  • Restaurants, etc.

  • Buildings with high concentration of population (commercial centres, stadiums).

  • Residential compounds of important persons.

  • Other buildings. 

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