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Water for Health

     Water is composed of the molecules H2O. Due to the most modern technologies we managed to break large groups of molecules (clusters, megaclusters, gigaclusters), to very small groupings or even single molecules. One molecule of water has a size of 1 nm (nanometre).


     The researches have proven that water arranged in this way has specific characteristics. CELTIC AQUA Water is a perfect solvent and due to small size of molecules is an outstanding carrier of nutritional substances into the depth of the skin.

The discovery of declustered water made an impulse for seeking of new possibilities of application in either medicine, or pharmacology and cosmetics, where it allows producing a whole new generation of cosmetic remedies. For the first time in the world it was possible to make products containing less water than ever before in any products, and concurrently increased the absorbance of active components into the skin.


     The results of work in our laboratories were verified in many scientific institutes and in all cases it has been verified that CETIC AQUA water has a vast potential for direct application in either practice, or in research.

All the development in the world is aiming to establish a connection between nanotechnology and medicine.


     One of the ways is to search for nanotechnological processes in healing and the possibility of utilization of biological influence of water on molecules of living organisms.


     The limited success and high toxicity of chemical treatment presses upon seeking alternative solutions. It is therefore logical to use physical phenomena that take place in the organism to seek the new direction in medical treatment. One of the solutions that the scientists have been concentrating on, is the application of nanowater in treating some of the diseases. Lowering of high blood pressure, improvement of the state of people with diabetes, significant achievements in the treatment of arteriosclerosis and most of all significant success in dealing with cancerous diseases, open completely new possibilities in the field of medicine. 


Water outlook before declusterization ....

…and after the process

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