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Protect our health, water, soil!

     What is the greatest threat to our planet? It is us - the humankind. In the last 150 years we have damaged our environment to an extent we hadn’t done in past few millennia. It is therefore in our own interest to slow down and finally stop the destruction of nature. Let's replace the technologies that are destroying the nature and fix the damages that we have caused. Now there are technologies and possibilities to solve these issues.

     Nowadays, technology is on a very high level, however, in quite a number of subject fields the society has not yet realized the need for utilization of our knowledge. One of the most important problems of humankind and maybe the most important one is preservation of water so that we are able to continue our life on this planet.

We have to realize that 96.54% of water is constituted by oceans, seas, glaciers and the permafrost and that for our consummation only 1.25% of drinking water is at our disposal. The demand is growing and so is the water consumption, however, we still dare to waste water.

     There are more and more regions in the world, where water is running low, and it does not apply for Africa only. For example in California there is a regulation that households and companies have to cut the consumption of water by 25%. Dry weather that has persisted for four years, reached already the highest level in more than half of the state.

     In 25 Brazilian cities, including the most populated Sao Paulo, where more than six million inhabitants are endangered; they also fight the lack of water. Water is also gradually disappearing in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, even China is reporting troubles. 

     Technologies in our portfolio are a result of our R&D, and in many cases these are unique and patented solutions. Not only are we able to treat water in “smart technology” types of sophisticated treatment equipment. Our technological procedures enable us to selectively pick elements from waste water, surface water or underground water, which can be further utilized to our benefit, i.e. phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N), which we select out of treatment plants waste water as fertilizers for agriculture. 

     We close water circuits in industry and we are able to put up to 95% of water back to processes. We treat water in water networks in regions, where it does not comply with potable water parameters. Where there is no infrastructure we are able to supply and secure water from surface water for inhabitants without the need to make water analysis. We have special systems in our portfolio, which safeguard VIP properties against terror, i.e. government buildings, residencies, hotels, embassies, schools, hospitals.


Our technology enables to prepare several types of water for the needs of hospitals, but also hotels and SPAs. 

     Most consumption of water is in agriculture and water is difficult to put back for recirculation, which has been used for watering of plants. However, we are able to change the structure of water, so that the consumption lessens, but the water absorbance into plant cells significantly increases and concurrently increases the yield of agricultural products.

     We produce water, which is able to treat severe illnesses (tumours, arteriosclerosis) due to its modified structure. 

     Some of the technologies can be used in other industrial sectors as well. For example the technology of metal structure modification, e.g. steel, alloys, ceramics and other materials. It might become a revolution in mechanical engineering and manufacturing of highly durable and long-life components for many manufacturers, such as in automotive and aircraft industry, or other fields.

     We are constantly searching for new ways, new technologies and we are interested in any kind of cooperation. Our goal is to develop even more sophisticated technologies, which enable even more effective way of safeguarding of our planet and us all. 




Container Wastewater treatment Plant P-200

Plasma  inside RNP

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